A New Generation of Infrared Saunas

Safety Certifications

Doctor recommended Radiant Health Saunas® are infrared saunas designed for practitioner, commercial & in-home use to support wellness through far infrared sauna benefits. Our infrared saunas have been designed to maximize safety and optimize performance based on continuous testing and feedback from our valued practitioners and customers. Trusted third party testing showing very low EMF ( Electromagnetic Fields) and zero VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compounds) makes Radiant Health Saunas® one of the best infrared sauna lines available. We have several models of infrared saunas for sale to fit a variety of needs and space requirements.

The headquarters of Radiant Health Saunas® is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and we also have a regional office in Houston, Texas, USA. We ship our saunas throughout Canada and the United States.

Radiant Health Saunas® have been designed to maximize safety and optimize performance based on continuous testing and feedback from our valued practitioners and customers. Radiant Health’s carbon infrared saunas have been independently tested for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to ensure complete non-toxicity, and have extremely low Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Field (EMF) levels - lower than Swedish Standards.

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Our infrared saunas are manufactured to the highest standards of quality with special attention given to the finer details. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

Carbon Flow Technology

A common complaint about infrared saunas is the uncomfortable sensation of “cold spots” in the sauna, where no infrared heat waves reach the body and “hot spots” when seated directly in front of the old-style ceramic or metallic infrared heaters. Due to the huge surface area of the Carbon Flow heating panels, literally spanning wall-to-wall, the heat is evenly disbursed and the surface temperature of the heaters is comfortable to the bathers.

The emitter surface area totals over 4300 square inches in our two person model and over 5700 square inches in our three person model. The large surface area allows us to have a lower surface temperature which creates a longer, more beneficial far infrared wave length range. Medical researchers have found that the optimal micron output range is between 7 and 14 microns, often called the Vital Zone.

The Radiant Health Sauna at Anisha has been a blessing on many levels. Two sessions helped some very sore muscles. I have also used the sauna while in good health and each time have left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would highly recommend the infrared saunas as part of an overall approach to wellness.

- Mark Cockcroft, Portland Oregon

Infrared Sauna Benefits

  • DetoxifyRid the body of toxins and heavy metals
  • Muscle SorenessHelps to relax and ease sore, stiff muscles.
  • RelaxSweat your stresses away at a comfortable temperature (much lower than in a conventional sauna)
  • Energize the BodyHelps to increase blood circulation
  • GlowHelps support the integrity of the skin

Who are we?

Radiant Health Saunas® was established in 1997 and has sold infrared saunas to over 800 practitioners, including medical doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, herbalists, chiropractors, and many other specialists who use the infrared sauna therapy to provide numerous health benefits for their patients and clients.

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What is Infrared?

Radiant Health infrared saunas use advanced Carbon Flow technology from Japan, with carbon panels spanning a very large surface area, emanating wall-to-wall deep-penetrating far infrared heat waves within the vital zone, for maximum perspiration and detoxification.

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EMF & EMR Alert

As awareness of the potential negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMF) has grown, we have responded by bringing our EMF levels to a very low level, so that users can enjoy a healthy infrared experience.

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Hello again, Randy.

It's been quite a while since we've been in contact--over six months, I think. But we certainly haven't forgotten you. We continue to be grateful to you for your exceptional help in evaluating, selecting and purchasing our sauna. Sandi and I are both very happy with our Radiant Health Sauna and its health benefits. And because Sandi has been the one with the very challenging multiple chemical sensitivities and toxic overload, I asked her to give you her feedback.
"Thanks again, for all your help regarding my health issues. The websites you suggested regarding medical help for my chemical sensitivities were very helpful. I found an excellent and helpful doctor a few hours away. He, too, recommended the use of a far-infrared sauna several times each week for detoxifying from mercury and other bad chemicals.

You were wonderful to work with when we were sauna hunting. You clearly know about more than just sauna units and you were not just seeking to make a sale, but to truly help us! And your price was was so good for such an excellent, comfortable sauna.

I very much enjoy the sauna, especially during the half of the year when it is cold here in Colorado. Though it wasn't happening for years, now, finally my body is sweating out the bad chemicals. The sauna seems to be helping to rid my body of the toxic chemicals and I sleep really well after using it. Taking the time in the sauna to relax and read for 40 or so minutes at least three times each week has been very good for my body and soul.

I have found that using the combination of the far-infrared sauna, colloidal silver, good exercise, juicing lots of vegetables, enough sun, a more relaxed schedule and supportive supplements has worked wonderfully for my healing. Though I still have a ways to go, I'm really encouraged.

Thanks so much for your help!"
- Sandi Eckert, Colorado

Yes, Randy, we are grateful for your exceptional help and your Radiant Health Sauna!  
- Bill Eckert, Colorado

I had a health condition for 15 years. I tried everything there is out there and the far infrared sauna was the most beneficial. I now own a far infrared sauna with colour therapy; it helps further with my recovery process. I use the far infrared sauna on a daily basis and have next to no muscle soreness and much more energy during the day.

- Christina, Kelowna BC

In my opinion, after years of clinical experience with far infrared saunas, I believe it is clearly one of the best preventative and restorative health treatments. Radiant Health Saunas are the most popular infrared sauna I have ever used in my clinic. My patients love how comfortable the temperature is and how good they feel afterwards. I would highly recommend Radiant Health Saunas to anyone looking to
support their health.

- Dr. Michael Lederman, ND, Vancouver BC