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Infrared Sauna Protocols

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Why Radiant Health Saunas

Radiant Health Saunas® was established in 1997 and has sold thousands of infrared saunas in Canada and across the United States. This includes infrared saunas for over 1,000 practitioners including medical doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, herbalists, chiropractors, and other specialists who use the infrared sauna therapy for their patients and clients.

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Radiant Health Saunas EMF VOC


As awareness of the potential negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMF) has grown, we have responded by bringing our EMF levels to a very low level, so that users can enjoy a healthy infrared experience.

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Radiant Health Saunas Heath Waves

Near Infrared Versus Far Infrared

Radiant Health Sauna ® infrared saunas use advanced Carbon Flow technology from Japan, with carbon panels spanning a very large surface area, emanating wall-to-wall deep-penetrating far infrared heat waves within the vital zone for maximum perspiration.

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How an Infrared Sauna Gave Me My Life Back and
What To Look For When Buying or Using an Infrared Sauna

Sauna Review Checklist

Doctor recommended Radiant Health Saunas® are infrared saunas designed for practitioner, commercial & in-home use to support wellness through far infrared sauna benefits. Our infrared saunas have been designed to maximize safety and optimize performance based on continuous testing and feedback from our valued practitioners and customers. Trusted third party testing showing very low EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) makes Radiant Health Saunas® one of the best infrared sauna lines available. We have several models of infrared saunas for sale to fit a variety of needs and space requirements.

The headquarters of Radiant Health Saunas® is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and we also have a regional office in Houston, Texas, USA. We ship our saunas throughout Canada and the United States.

Radiant Health Saunas® have been designed to maximize safety and optimize performance based on continuous testing and feedback from our valued practitioners and customers. Radiant Health’s carbon infrared saunas have been independently tested for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to ensure complete non-toxicity, and have extremely low Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Field (EMF) levels – lower than Swedish Standards.

Our infrared saunas are manufactured to the highest standards of quality with special attention given to the finer details. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

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Carbon Flow Technology

A common complaint about infrared saunas is the uncomfortable sensation of “cold spots” in the sauna, where no infrared heat waves reach the body and “hot spots” when seated directly in front of the old-style ceramic or metallic infrared heaters. Due to the huge surface area of the Carbon Flow heating panels, literally spanning wall-to-wall, the heat is evenly disbursed and the surface temperature of the heaters is comfortable to the bathers.

The emitter surface area totals over 4300 square inches in our two person model and over 5700 square inches in our three person model. The large surface area allows us to have a lower surface temperature which creates a longer, more beneficial far infrared wave length range. Medical researchers have found that the optimal micron output range is between 7 and 14 microns, often called the Vital Zone.


Radiant Health Saunas® utilizes trusted third party testing to verify zero off-gassing of volatile organic compounds and
the lowest EMF’s that we can find in the industry.


Practitioner and Customer Testimonials

“Radiant Health Saunas are the most popular infrared sauna I have ever used in my clinic. My patients love how comfortable the temperature is and how good they feel afterwards. I would highly recommend Radiant Health Saunas to anyone”

Dr. Michael Lederman, ND, Vancouver BC Canada

“After having the opportunity to use a Radiant Health infrared sauna that was purchased by our Peer Fitness Committee for our fire hall, I decided to buy a sauna for use at home. Randy made the process extremely easy and provided a wealth of information. In addition, the quality of the sauna is incredible and the fit and finish far exceeded my expectations. My wife and I have been using the sauna on a regular basis. Overall the sauna is a sanctuary. During and after every use we experience a very clear sense of well being. Thanks again, your service and product have truly enhanced our lives.”

Erik Jorgensen, City of Penticton Firefighter BC Canada

“I just received my two-person Radiant Health Sauna, and I can’t say enough about how beautiful it is and how well it works! Randy, you and your staff are so knowledgeable and make such a high-quality product that I don’t even know where to start in conveying my thanks to you all. To anyone who is looking for a truly EMF-free, infrared sauna experience like no other, all backed by an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable team of experts. I most highly recommend Randy Gomm and his team at Radiant Health Saunas.”

Kathy Lanza, Salisbury, MD

Radiant Health Saunas Testimonials

“I LOVE my Radiant Health Saunas one person sauna. It is a beautifully constructed product and their customer service is excellent!”

Leslie Larsen, New Mexico

“I absolutely love the sauna I bought from Radiant Health Saunas. Not only has it made a significant difference in my health in the way I feel & look (it’s amazing for glowing skin!), but it also was so easy to put together.”

Donna Briggs L.AC,MS,LMT, New York, NY