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Practitioner Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of offering far infrared sauna sessions to my clients for the past 6½ years. I am pleased to report that my clients feel incredibly supported. They have also been able to attain a greater overall sense of well being.

There is a bewildering variety of infrared products and claims in the marketplace for the consumer. It was very important to me to work with a company that puts the quality and the safety of the product at the forefront. The key person in the equation was Randy Gomm. He has earned my trust and confidence during these past 6½ years for his honesty and his ethical business practices. His after purchase service and his knowledge on infrared therapy have been extremely beneficial. I think he and his product are great!”

Yoshimi Nakano Shinzen Detoxification & Rejuvenation Centre, Vancouver, BC

“We have had a Radiant Health Sauna at Anisha-Center for Holistic Health in Portland, Oregon for over two years. This top quality sauna has been a boon to many of our existing clients. We find that other health practitioners are consistently sending their patients to us to our Radiant Health Sauna. Having the sauna at Anisha has raised our profile in the alternative and increasingly allopathic health community in Portland.”

Michael Alexander, Manager Anisha Center for Holistic Health, Portland, Oregon

“The sauna is amazing. I highly recommend the use of one!”

Lucy Taylor CHHP Phoenix Holistic Healing Clinic, Nanaimo, BC

“We started using our Radiant Health Sauna in 2017 and continue to do so 3-4 times a week. We highly recommend it!”

Christina Acevedo, Red Seal Chef and R.H.N,

“In August of 2017 we purchased the 2 person FIR from Randy. Throughout the process he was very helpful answering all of our questions promptly, clearly and efficiently. What a great addition to our home and wellness routine. Taking a sauna is a great time to decompress from a day at work and reconnect.

Many of the units on the market use lesser quality wood and heating elements that emit toxins and unsafe EMF levels. Randy’s sauna’s are the safest and highest quality that we have found on the market. Several units on the market do not test the EMFs at the point of contact and that is how they bypass the safety standards so it was great to know that these units are so safe and well designed as you are sitting right next to the heating units when you are taking a sauna.

My wife and I have both noticed the mental clarity we both feel after a sauna. It is like the icing on the cake.

Randy is the most knowledgeable person that we have met with respect to FIR saunas. He made the whole process enjoyable from start to finish. I would recommend he and his saunas for anyone who is looking to optimize their wellness.”

Michael Galasso, Waterloo, ON,

“I have been using the Radiant Health Sauna about three times a week myself and I feel radiant and my skin has never been so soft. The Far Infrared Sauna is a fast and easy way to relax. We use it in our Day Spa in conjunction with our treatments. I love the color light feature, it is very relaxing and powerful, a great added feature. I have used different saunas, but I am very happy with the Radiant Health Sauna.”

Margaret Castenmiller

My clients love the Radiant Health Sauna, experiencing profuse
sweating. The color light feature is a much appreciated, as is the heated floor. In addition I have received extremely positive feedback from other practitioners using these saunas with their clients. The ongoing support from Randy has been invaluable and I have found him an excellent resource.”

Marilyn Cosway Nutritional Microscopist, Calgary, Alberta

“Through extensive research, I discovered the Radiant Health
Sauna. Many of my clients could not take the intense heat which other saunas are capable of reaching and they loved the less invasive soft gentle heat of the Radiant Health Sauna. Overall, the Radiant Health Sauna has improved my practice and has had a favorable impact on my clients, as well as on my bottom line.”

Cliff McTavish RMT, CMTA Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I have had this Sauna for a couple of years and it works exactly as advertised. It is no trouble to use and is very well-made. I am happy to recommend it.”

Dr. Jan T., Eureka Springs, AR

“I have been a client of Randy for more than 15 years with my first purchase of  an infrared sauna. When we were downsizing we needed a new sauna thus we purchased the single person Radiant Health Infrared Sauna. This past year I expanded my studio space so it only made sense to add a larger two-person Radiant Health Infrared Sauna into the space. We love our Radiant Health Saunas”

Rena Shields,


Customer Testimonials

“I LOVE my Radiant Health 1 person sauna. It is a beautifully constructed product and their customer service is excellent.”

Leslie Larsen, New Mexico

“We love our sauna, ordered the larger corner EC-4H and Randy is informative, quick to reply and delivery to Ontario was perfect. My husband was actually able to put it together by himself.”

Alan and Janet Cote, Hawkesbury, ON

“I have been a professional firefighter since 2003. Our union local has purchased one and our firefighters use it after structure fires and other hazardous exposures. The smoke smell used to stay on my skin for a week even after showering. The smoke smell is now gone after one session in the sauna. Using the sauna boosts my energy and I feel rejuvenated after a session.

I have also purchased one for my home and I use it on a daily basis. I highly recommend Radiant Health Saunas. Thank you to Randy and your staff !!”

Chad Taylor, Penticton Firefighter IAFF local 1399, Peer Fitness Trainer

“I LOVE IT !!!

It was so easy to build, similar to a small puzzle with big pieces. I didn’t know what to expect… I am so pleased… Thank you for all of the support and kindness.”

Carole K., Mission, B.C.

“I felt very good in the sauna. Beautiful looking unit inside and out, and I think what was most remarkable for me was the nature of the heat ‘envelope/blanket’ I felt around (and on) the surface of the body at all times and in any position. Very consistent and uniform sensation of warmth, with no discernible change in air temperature when shifting position, even slowly. Wonderful effect!”

David B., Vancouver, B.C.

“Hi Randy,

Just wanted to let you know that we got the sauna about a week and a half ago, I have been in it four times, and have already noticed a difference. The first time in the sauna it took me about 20 minutes to start sweating little beads, but now I sweat after about 6 minutes and it is rolling off of me.

Plus, I stretch while in the sauna and I seriously have not felt this good in a while. I am so thankful to my husband for finding you, Randy, and your awesome sauna!

I absolutely love it!

Thank you and take care.”

Jackie Gautier, Argyle, Texas, US

“I just had to tell you both (Randy and Michelle), that this winter was the first winter in 9 years, since the accident with the logging truck that I had a great GREAT winter!! I could actually move around and had some fun on my snow shoes !! I still have a little ways to keep going, but this is the BEST winter I’ve had so far!!

Thanks so very much for selling this miraculous infrared Radiant Health Sauna!!”

Maggie B., New Brunswick, NS

“Dear Randy & Michelle,

I wanted to take the time to express my sincere gratitude for the time you took sharing your knowledge regarding the infrared sauna.

Trying to research both quickly and thoroughly was a somewhat daunting task. With no local retailer (except big box stores that could tell me nothing about the saunas) I was resigned to the idea that the internet was going to be my sole source of information. Even more daunting was the idea that if I found what I believed to be a reliable source of information I would then be required to take a leap of faith and send thousands of dollars to someone and hope that they not only shipped me a sauna but that it would be a quality product that performed as promised.

Having reviewed numerous websites I was pleased to find a Canadian supplier with a toll free number. After speaking with you several times with numerous questions, all of which were answered immediately & concisely, I knew I had found the right supplier and forwarded payment with no concern whatsoever.

I received my sauna a few days before Christmas and it is every bit the quality product I was promised. I am enjoying it immensely!

Having spent over 30 years in the customer service industry I think I appreciate customer service more than most. You went above and beyond and supplied world-class service right here in Canada. There is no question in my mind that selling your product comes second to providing helpful information leaving me both impressed & grateful.

You have my email and cell phone number and I welcome you passing it along to anyone wanting verification of my experience!”

Rod Gowrie, Sarnia, Ontario

“My search for an infrared sauna was a long and daunting one. There is so much information on the internet with every company claiming theirs is the best in the industry. Being a large investment, I wanted to ensure I made the best choice possible. I started my extensive research, then I narrowed down my choices to three companies. I spoke to each company and asked for a local placement where I could experience the sauna firsthand prior to making my decision. I used each sauna for at least 10 sessions and would call my three choices with my questions.

Ultimately, I chose the Elite 2.5 person sauna from Randy Gomm at Radiant Health Saunas. My decision took me approximately 6 months. Randy was so very patient with me, answered all my questions quickly and concisely and never made me feel like I was being annoying or dragging the process out too long. He is extremely knowledgeable and happy to share his knowledge with you regardless of whether you chose to purchase from him or not. His passion for wellness is unsurpassed! I cannot say the same for the other two companies. Most important to me is Randy’s ethics and integrity.

Not once did he criticize his competitors and again, I cannot say the same for the others. In addition, he was the only supplier who had third party testing for EMF who could actually provide the documentation and not just arrogantly tout that his is the lowest guaranteed. For those reasons and more, I chose Radiant Health. It was the best decision I ever made. It was the most comfortable sauna I used during my testing with even temperatures and no cold spots.

I chose to have my sauna delivered and installed. Everything from start to finish was impeccable. Richard, the delivery person, was outstanding! So very careful, ensuring the installation was flawless. I have been using my sauna every day for 45 minutes and I could not be happier. My only regret is that I didn’t seek this out 5 years ago when my problems began.

Randy, thank you again for your patience and for improving my quality of life with your outstanding product. My sauna is my heavenly bliss and I look forward to it every single day.”

Arianna S, West Vancouver, BC

“I looked at many saunas on-line before deciding which one to purchase, many with similar or nearly the same features except for a few very specific things that I was looking for…the most important being the EMF (electrical magnetic fields ). I was greatly impressed with the EMF rating well below 1. Also you have real wood and have opted to not use particle board in your saunas. This way there is no off-gassing and breathing in harmful chemicals… I am very happy with my sauna and look forward to years of use. It pays off to shop around; the cheapest is not necessarily the healthiest. I also found Randy to be very informative and I am thankful to have found a sauna that has zero VOCs and also low in EMF. His staff and his service and delivery man were also very helpful and experienced at setting up the sauna without a hitch. Randy gets a 5 star. Thank you from a very satisfied Customer”

Luana M., Langley BC

“It’s now been about 3 months since we received our 1 person sauna. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It came in a timely manner, packaged with CARE, and my husband and I put it together (along with the step by step instructions and detailed pictures) very easily. The quality is beyond our expectations. Randy’s story resonated with me in a very personal way as my husband was also a Firefighter. In searching for the right sauna, I concentrated on the EMF/EMR Levels. I can’t tell you how many companies in the United States I researched, only to come out more confused. It seemed they advertised “Low EMF” levels, when in fact the levels were higher than safety standards. After researching most all of them, and not liking the levels of EMF I was finding, I happened to come upon Radiant Health Saunas in Vancouver, BC Canada. It took one phone call (I called after hours and left a message) and…Randy called us back the same day and we found him to be extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly willing to take the time to answer any and all questions we had.

I found Radiant Health Saunas provide the lowest EMF/EMR Levels, backed by third party testing, of which is documented in a very detailed report. I actually spoke with Randy many times throughout the week, and never once felt like I was intruding on his time; he is a man of integrity and has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share. We live in the Midwest of the United States, and would be more than willing to share our experience one-on one, as Randy has our personal contact information and our permission to give it out.Thank you Randy, for providing a high quality, beautifully constructed and SAFE Sauna. It’s worth every penny and MORE!”

Richard & Carol Robinson, Indianapolis, IN

“We recently purchased a two person Elite sauna from Randy at Radiant Health Saunas, after extensive market research on the variety of saunas out there. Throughout the process, we found Randy to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. For us, low Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and non-toxic materials were our two primary concerns. Radiant Health Saunas not only provides the lowest EMR and toxicity levels we could find, but they also address these two issues head-on, and back up their statistics with third-party testing.

In addition to addressing our primary concerns, these saunas offer likely the most well rounded variety of features on the market. The colour light feature and heated ceramic floors are two of our personal favourite features.

Overall we are thrilled with our unit and the service we have received, and we would recommend Radiant Health Saunas to anyone in the market for a new sauna.”

C & L Anderson, Vernon, BC

“My fiancée and I had been searching for over a year for a quality far infrared sauna and we almost gave up until we found Radiant Health Saunas. We thoroughly enjoy our sauna experience because of the consistent heat bath it ensures (no cold spots!). We feel refreshed, lighter, and invigorated after only being in the sauna for 30 minutes. We have tried many far infrared saunas but nothing compares to the Radiant Health Sauna experience.”

Jay S., Surrey, British Columbia

“The infra-red saunas at Anisha have been a blessing on many levels. Each time have I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would highly recommend the infrared saunas as part of an overall approach to wellness.”

Mark Cockcroft, Portland, Oregon

“Thank you so much for sending all the info on these infrared saunas. I believe every household should have one of these awesome saunas! Just thought you should know how you have changed my life with this sauna… Thank you so much!!!”

Cheri Legare, Kelowna, British Columbia

“My decision to purchase a Radiant Health Sauna was based on the research Randy had done and the time he spent with me answering my questions and concerns about the safety of the sauna and the construction. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help in any way. I love starting my day in the sauna and would highly recommend both Randy and Radiant Health Saunas to anyone who appreciates excellent ongoing customer service. I am very happy I made this investment in my well being.”

Kathy Cameron, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thank you both so much! You can imagine how excited we are to add this sauna to our arsenal. Through all of her research, we really believe in your product, and appreciate all that you did to help us get one in our hands. Dealing with a company that understands really went a long way.”

Ron Prasad, Surrey, B.C

“I tried everything there is out there and the far infrared sauna was the most beneficial. I now own a far infrared sauna with a colour light feature and use the sauna on a daily basis.”

Christina B., Kelowna, British Columbia

“Thank you for the Radiant Health Sauna! This easy to assemble and beautifully finished sauna has become a wonderful conversational piece of furniture in our sunroom. The way that it has helped my wife and me is amazing. We really enjoy the ease of operation and the renewed feeling of our bodies. Think I’ll start to play golf again!!! Thanks again!”

Dennis Bellamy, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I just wanted to write a quick note and say how much we LOVE our new sauna! It was surprisingly quick and easy to put together, with really thorough instructions and diagrams. The quality is even better than I expected it to be! Worth every penny.  I was a little worried that my husband wouldn’t want to use it as much as I would and he is now the one asking to use it every night!  Thank you so much for the hard work and commitment it must have took to design and produce such a high quality product!”

Janine, North Vancouver, BC

“Anastasia and I have been thinking through the experience of
purchasing our sauna: Randy, sharing information about your
saunas in general, the quality and technical aspects in particular. Also, your consideration regarding price was certainly appreciated. LJ, all conversations with you and the way you handled the logistics of the purchase were excellent. Both of you helped to ease any concerns about making a sauna purchase. Thank you so very much. The sauna parts were packaged very well; The instructions were easy to follow. The sauna is superb. The fit and finish is first rate. The interior environment is well thought out, every aspect of it. I trust  you have the saunas custom made to your specs; and without doubt, you made great choices for your customers. We are enjoying it immensely!”

Max S., Pleasant Valley, MO

“I think the Radiant Health Sauna is the best Sauna experience I ever had. I’ve been taking Sauna sessions regularly since the 1970’s. Past Sauna experience have been a pleasure, but they have always required more time to heat, higher temperatures, more time in the Sauna, and water to get humidity up to get a good sweat going. After using the Infrared Sauna all of the above issues went away. Less time to heat, less time to get sweat going and no water. I LOVE MY SAUNA, I try to use it everyday.“

Charlie & Kathy Hooper, Panama City Beach, FL

“We love our sauna! We purchased a 3-person corner elite unit a little over a year ago and have been nothing but pleased from the outset! The information and guidance from Randy during the purchase was professional and the delivery to Texas was seamless. My wife and I easily put the unit together ourselves and have enjoyed (and benefitted) from each use. We highly recommend the Radiant Health Sauna and Randy’s expertise to anyone looking for an excellent sauna!”

James and Denise Veitenheimer, Grapevine, TX

“One of the first recommendations from my doctors was to invest in a far infrared sauna. They immediately recommended Radiant Health Saunas due to their quality workmanship and zero EMF emissions. I am in it almost every night and I love it!!”

J. Ward, Elk Mound, WI

“I have heard of the health benefits of infrared saunas but didn’t know where to start or what was important. Luckily, I ran across Randy Gomm and Radiant Health Saunas early in my research. Randy gladly got on the phone with me and shared his own journey that led him to start the company, source the absolute best materials and build the highest-quality product. I was sold. His passion, his know-how and his own experience sold me on his product. Now that I have a four-person Radiant Health Sauna, I love it. It is one of the best investments I’ve made. Thank you, Randy!”

L. Kolleda,Florida

“I LOVE my Radiant Health Saunas one person infrared sauna! I bought an infrared sauna several years ago, which I had to return due to hypersensitivity to chemicals used in construction of the sauna. It made me sad that I couldn’t even use a sauna. I have Multiple Chemical  Sensitivities (MCS) so therefore was looking for a sauna with zero VOCs and low EMFs. I was referred to Randy at Radiant Health Saunas by someone on a support group on Facebook and am so grateful. Randy is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I knew I had found the right supplier. Randy is informative, knowledgeable and quick to reply. Awesome Customer Service. The Radiant Health Sauna was quick and easy to put together. The quality is even better than I expected it to be! I love the color light feature as well as the CD player. Thank you so much for the hard work in researching, designing and producing such a high quality product!”

Clara Friesen, Steinbach, Manitoba

“I had a really great experience dealing with Radiant Health Saunas. I have been using the sauna consistently since it arrived and am very pleased with the benefits I have reaped thus far. This is a purchase I should have made much sooner as I love the way I feel when I use the sauna! I highly recommend Radiant Health Saunas if you are in the market for an infrared sauna. My wife and I did quite a bit of research on infrared saunas and felt confident making a purchase from Randy and Radiant Health Saunas.”

-B. Buckle, Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador